Eating Healthy in the Workplace

6 tips to stay healthy and eat well at work:

  • Provisions? Check! Stock up on healthy snacks at your desk. This can limit the temptation of scouring the break room for leftover treats from meetings (hello, doughnuts!) or grabbing a candy bar from the vending machine.
  • Candy jar nearby? Rethink your route.  Research shows that we are more likely to snack mindlessly when the food is in sight.  If your coworker insists on keeping a bowl of chocolate on his or her desk, take another route to the bathroom or printer. The extra steps are a nice bonus too!
  • Be a schemer. (No, not the creepy kind.) When hunger’s setting in it’s easy to give in to temptation so make a plan to combat spontaneous indulgences. Before you leave your desk, check daily menu options on and decide what you will order in advance. This can keep you from diverting to the pizza line instead of the salad bar. Better yet, sign up for Menu Mail and we’ll send you the daily menu options each morning!  
  • InBalanceCORicon-fnlBalance your plate. Fill half of your plate with vegetables and choose lean protein and a whole grain or nutrient-rich starchy vegetable to round out your meal. The combination of protein and fiber-rich grains and vegetables will keep you energized all afternoon. Looking for some guidance? Seek out In Balance options labeled with the COR icon in our cafes. 
  • Shake it off and breathe it out. Feeling stressed? Take a short walk or do deep breathing exercises at your desk to pump some endorphins to your brain. While it may feel like chocolate will melt all of your anxiety away, it’s a temporary fix that fades quickly.
  • Get a buddy!  Enlist support from a colleague, friend, or family member in your wellness journey. Find someone you can call on to when you need an exercise buddy or someone to talk through a wellness challenge!