Reinvented 3-Bean Salad

A fresh twist on a classic salad that will be appreciated at any summer picnic. Serves 4 YOU NEED: 1 ½ cups cooked white beans (about one 15-oz can), drained...

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Red Lentil Croquettes

Containing a blend of aromatic spices, these baked croquettes are a delicious, nutritious, and low carbon replacement to meat or cheese-based varieties. Serves 4 YOU NEED: 1 cup red lentils...

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pnip cooked_adj

Sage-Braised Parsnip

Redefine this rustic root vegetable and enhance its deep and flavorful characteristics by slow cooking with herbs. Serves 6-8 YOU NEED: 2 tablespoons olive oil 2 pounds parsnips, peeled and...

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Fennel Bulb and Frond Gratin

Both the fennel fronds, which are delicious but often discarded, and the bulb are used in this recipe. The strong licorice flavor of fennel mellows with cooking. Serves 6 –...

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Chicken Paprikash

A classic Hungarian dish with so much paprika flavor that you won’t even miss the salt. To reduce saturated fat content, remove the chicken skin prior to serving. Serves 4...

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